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There are approximately 700 SE Asian farmers in Fresno County, 100 in Merced County, and 50 in Tulare County. Over two dozen different varieties of Southeast Asian crops are grown on a combined total of 3,000 aces. The Southeast Asian refugees
SEASCEP works with local South East Asian Farmers in the Central Valley area to provide the following resources:
Farm Technology
Land Selection
Kev Tso-Dej: Thaumtwg Thiab Ntau Npaum Licas?
Ntsuas Dej-Noo Hauv Av Los Ntawm Kev Muab Cojlos Tuav Thiab Saib
Our goal is to equip South East Asian Farmers to run a successful Crop.
Now you can tune in to hear about the latest news and techniques about farming.
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Hmong Reports Hmong Reports
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